Private Homes and Buildings

Insurance protection for accidental damage to your buildings, fixtures and fittings, oil and gas tanks, walls, gates, pools, drives, car ports etc. The sum insured should be enough to rebuild as new all the property covered in the same form, size, style and condition. If in doubt, we can assist with the services of a qualified surveyor.

This cover can be extended to include Family legal protection, Home assistance and property owner’s Liability. Family legal protection can assist you in defending an action brought against you, or it can be used for an action you bring against another person who has damaged your property. Home assistance provides you 24 hour access to approved contractors such as plumbers and electricians for emergency repairs. All cover is subject to the Policy terms and conditions, so please discuss anything you are unsure of with us.

We can further accommodate additional buildings, such as holiday homes and buy-to-let properties, or, if need be, we can arrange an independent Policy.