Business Combined

This policy has been designed to provide a comprehensive insurance cover for businesses under one package. The policy is broken down in to a number of sections as follows;

  • The Property Damage section provides cover for buildings, contents, stock and other items against damage caused by an insured peril
  • The Business Interruption section protects a commercial business’s income following a property damage loss
  • The Money and Personal Accident Assault section is an ‘All Risks’ cover to protect business money and employee accident
  • The Employers Liability section provides protection in respect of legal liability for bodily injury to employees
  • The Public and Products Liability section provides protection in respect of legal liability for injury to third parties or for damage to their property
  • The Selected All Risks section protects specified items in the United Kingdom and optionally elsewhere
  • The Goods in Transit section protects property whilst in transit either in own vehicles or whilst being carried by a third party
  • The Theft by Employee section protects against loss of money or property due to employee dishonesty or acts of fraud
  • The Commercial Legal Expenses section protects against exposure to professional legal expenses in connection with a variety of events with the provision of legal advice
  • The Financial Loss Liability section protects against legal liability for third-party financial loss arising out of a defect in or the unsuitability of products or services