About us


In addition to wanting to extend the Redwood Financial standard of service across a complete provision of client asset protection needs, we have significant experience in the construction and engineering insurance space, particularly in Africa, so we are able to provide structured insurance solutions to contractors operating locally, as well as those who are taking advantage of the infrastructure development opportunities in Africa.

Protecting Values through Insurance

Consult is an Appointed Representative of TEn Insurance Services, which allows us the opportunity to focus on service and product delivery, whilst the administrative and compliance functionality is taken care of through our efficient engagement with TEn. TEn also affords us the opportunity to stay up to date in terms of market trends and our own skills development and enhancement.

Whatever your insurance needs, from both a personal and a business perspective, Consult Insurance Services will be able to assist. Through our well established network, we have access to the leading personal and commercial insurers and insurance product providers in the UK, and so we are able to source and arrange the correct cover for you, whilst still keeping Premiums competitive.

Should you require any insurance-related assistance or advice, or even just a comparative quote, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Consult Insurance Services was established in partnership with Redwood Financial. We recognise the high service standard that Redwood Financial clients deserve and have come to expect, and share the desire to extend this service offering across the entire range of our clients’ asset protection needs.

Our primary objective is to be a trusted partner, with a solutions-driven approach to risk transfer.  We will strive to deliver the best service possible, not only during the initial sign-up stage, but also at claims stage, which is when it really counts. Honesty and integrity are our highest priority, and we will endeavour to always be transparent with you. We will ensure that we source the correct cover, based on your individual requirements, which will be qualified by sound and considered advice. In addition, your personal information that will be gathered as our business relationship grows, will only be used in the context of sourcing and arranging your insurances.

OUR Vision

Integrity above all else


Quality service enhanced by technology


Obtain and maintain secure backing for our client’s asset protection


Continued enhancement of our own skill to ensure the best solution for our clients changing needs

True Partners
Customer Service
Solution Driven